Action-based Guarantee

If you have purchased our Perspective Academy product, you will be offered a 30 day action-based guarantee. If you commit and stick to our action plan for 30 days, we guarantee that you shall sign your first paying video production client. If you stick to your action plan and do not sign your first client, you shall receive a refund for the full purchase price. You will lose access to the program and ongoing mentorship.

The start of your 30 day guarantee is not from date of purchase, it is from the date agreed by yourself with a member of our accountability team. You will have access to schedule a call with the accountability team after completing the first 6 modules of the training programme and completing the 30 day check list.

The date agreed with the accountability team will be your ‘kick-off’ day and will be the start of your 30 day action-based guarantee.

You must schedule a call with the accountability team within 60 days of purchasing the Perspective Academy.

The accountability team will ensure you have completed the 30 day checklist and set you up on your 30 day action plan, which you must adhere to.
Members who do not complete the 30 day checklist will not be eligible to continue on the 30 day guarantee. This is to ensure you have the highest chances of success and avoid the most common mistakes.

You will be expected to input your daily sales performance figures into a database, enabling our team to keep track of your progress. This process will take no longer than 10 minutes daily.

Failure to adhere to any of the above terms will result in your guarantee being void and no refunds being made, with no exceptions.

If in the rare instance you stick to our 30 day plan and don't sign a client within the guarantee period, you will be requested to provide a simple screenshot providing proof of figures from up to 10 random days of your coaches choice. These screenshots will take no longer than 15 minutes to gather & a full refund will be given with no hesitation on satisfactory receipt of proof.